You may not have all the options available to you.

Here you can Compose, Delete and Edit signatures.
  • Signature Name - The name of this signature.
  • Signature - What you would like to appear in the signature. e.g:
    Chris Jones
    Johnson Rd,
    Northcote, Auckland
    555 387 5839
  • Save Signature - When you have finished, click on 'Save Signature' and this signature will appear in your Signatures list.
    If you clicked 'edit' and changed the 'Signature Name', a new signature will be added to the list without deleting the original signature.
  • Default - If you have more than one signature, you can choose a default signature using the drop down menu.
  • Delete - Remove the signature.
  • Edit - Edit the signature.
  • Htmltext Editor - Change to Html text editor to add formatting to your signature.
Change Password
Change passwords and enter Password Retrieval questions and answers, to help you remember your password.
Spam Control
'Friends' automatically stores email from unknown senders in your 'pending' folder awaiting a reply to a confirmation message. This helps check they are a real person and not just a spam program
'Spam Filtering' automatically stores email that is suspected to be spam in your 'held' folder for 2 weeks. You can go to your 'held' folder to release messages wrongly identified as spam.
Personal Profile

  • Cookie Login - Checking this box will make WebMail store a cookie on your machine so you will be automatically logged in without having to enter a username and password. You should NOT use this feature on public machines.
  • Display New Message Summary - Allows you to see if you have any new messages quickly when logging in.
Create and manage other email addresses for this email account.
You can set up filtering rules to identify particular messages, and then move, copy, forward, or delete them.

  • If the -- header contains - Select the part of the email you want to filter on. If the section selected contains whatever you put in the text field then it will be filtered.
  • Move to folder - Select folder to receive filtered email. Message will not appear in the Inbox.
  • Copy to folder - Select folder to receive filtered email. Message will also appear in the Inbox.
  • Forward to email address - Message will be forwarded to the Email address entered here. Select 'Forward - keep a copy' to keep the message in your message list.
  • Add - Save the filter.
  • ID - Filters are processed according to ID (0 then 1, etc). e.g. for the pictured example, if the subject of a message is '[john] Fiats' then the messages will be moved to the 'Trash' folder and not forwarded because it has already been moved. If the rule for 'Fiats' copied the message or was moved down to ID 1 both filters would occur.
Message List Settings
Here you can customize features of your main mail screen.

  • Automatically check for email every.. - Set how often WebMail checks for new mail. If this field blank this feature is off.
  • Number of messages per page - This sets how many messages you would like to view per page.
  • Send a Single forwarded message as an attachment with a note - Change the way you forward a single email.
  • Default Forwarded emails to Digest Mode - Forward selected emails as attachments in a single email.
Holiday Settings
Set up automatic forwarding of and/or responding to your incoming email.

  • Fowarding Settings - Type the email address you wish to forward all email to.
  • Automatic Response - Set up your automatic responses.
    - Check "Enable responder" to start sending automatic responses.
    - Type in Message subject and your message.
    - Then save your settings. Remember to change these settings when you wish to stop automatic responses.